Lodestar Finance

Lodestar Finance is an algorithmic borrowing and lending protocol that is aiming to bring the critical DeFi primitive of decentralized money markets to Arbitrum communities.

Key Features

  • Earn interest on Arbitrum assets like MAGIC, DPX, and plvGLP by supplying them to the protocol.
  • Collateralize your deposit, which enables the ability to borrow crypto assets.
  • Access liquidity without creating a taxable event.
  • Employ leveraged trading strategies (long and short positions) by utilizing the borrowing functionalities of the protocol.
  • Unlock the liquidity of yield bearing assets such as plvGLP without sacrificing the underlying yield.
For a more in-depth overview of the protocol, please read our Litepaper on Medium and review the Contracts section of this documentation.


The mission of Lodestar Finance is to bring decentralized lending services to blossoming Arbitrum communities like Treasure, Dopex, and Plutus to create new value for token holders and DAOs.
As the Arbitrum ecosystem continues to develop, we will be on the lookout for more communities to partner with and create value for layer 2 native communities that lack access to critical DeFi infrastructure.
For a more in depth overview, please review the Roadmap page and read our Looking Ahead article on Medium.