How did Lodestar come to fruition?
As heavy Arbitrum users plugged into various communities we have always wanted the ability to do more with the cryptocurrencies we own like MAGIC, DPX, GMX, GLP, PLS, plsDPX and plvGLP. We could not find any protocol that offered what we wanted to achieve, so we set out to build it ourselves.
We are big believers that what sets Arbitrum apart is the interwoven nature of multiple protocols building on top of it. The Lodestar team knew we wanted to become building blocks on top of existing, successful DeFi protocols, so we planned to target the existing communities to start:
We forked Compound, spent months learning the code base and making changes to support Arbitrum and specific cryptocurrencies like MAGIC, DPX and plvGLP, and have been heads-down building ever since.
We are extremely excited to finally deliver value to the community.