Bug bounties, audits and open-source code.

Centralized Audit 1

Lodestar Finance was audited by Solidity Finance

Centralized Audit 2

Lodestar Finance was audited by Halborn

Crowd audit and bug bounty

To further bolster our security measures, we have implemented a crowd audit and bug bounty competition in partnership with Hats Finance ( This program invited security researchers and white-hat hackers to review our code and identify any potential vulnerabilities to earn bounties.
No critical bug putting funds at risk was reported, while 18 medium improvements were reported and 2 gas optimisations


This protocol is offered as is without warranty. All smart contract-based apps carry inherent risks, and you alone are responsible for the consequences of these risks. By entering the app you agree that you understand these risks, including the potential to lose your entire deposit and further agree to release Lodestar and hold it harmless from all potential claims based on Lodestar's own negligence. All persons from OFAC sanctioned nations are barred from using any Lodestar service. All US persons are barred from staking related services. By entering the app you are asserting that you are compliant with these restrictions and acting lawfully according to your local jurisdiction.