Bug bounties, battle-tested contracts, planned audits and open-source code.

Bug Bounty

The Lodestar team plans to utilize bug bounties on immunefi and scale the bug bounty reward up proportional to our TVL as it grows.

Battle-tested Contracts

Lodestar is a Compound fork at the core, and Compound has some of the most battle-tested contracts in all of DeFi. They boast nearly 3 billion dollars in TVL and are one of the most reputable protocols in crypto.
We have added code to support a few changes we have made, namely adding Arbitrum support, DPX, MAGIC and plvGLP support, tweaking some Interest Models, and a few other small changes. All of which will be open-sourced.
We are standing on the shoulders of giants and plan to pass on what we have learned.


Lodestar is launching V0 unaudited.
Lodestar is currently in talks with multiple auditors getting quotes and lead times for an audit.
An Audit is extremely important to our team and something we want to prioritize for our V1 launch. We will be reserving a healthy amount of capital for an extensive audit and are planning to use a quality, reputable name that Compound, Aave and other DeFi lending protocols have used.


Caution should be exercised when interacting with any smart contract or blockchain application. There is always risk of vulnerabilities in smart contract code, and while the codebase we launching with is incredibly battle-tested and we are relying on Chainlink Oracles for accurate pricing (with the exception of plvGLP), there are still always risks.
We have attempted to mitigate them through extensive unit and integration testing, leaning on the community for beta testing, along with ongoing bug bounties, but there is still always going to be an inherent smart contract risk and market risks while using the protocol.
For more in depth details of our contracts please continue to the Contracts page.