Emission Gauge Voting

Weekly emissions voting for the LODE wars!

The weekly emission gauge is a voting system allowing 3 and 6 month LODE stakers and esLODE stakers to direct 50% of the protocol's emissions towards the Lodestar market of their choice. You must stake for 3 or 6 month locking period in order to gain voting power. Stakers can use their voting power to vote on the emissions for the following week, spread across the markets of their choice.

How to Vote

Users first need to delegate their voting power, this only needs to be done once and it will remain until you want to change it. To do this click delegate on the right of the voting page.

The delegation period is each week from Monday - Wednesday. During this period is the only time users can delegate their voting power. Wednesday - Sunday is the voting period. Users with staking power delegated to them can vote by entering the percentage of their voting power they would like to allocate to each market’s supply and borrow side emissions.

Users can vote for just one or multiple assets, but you can only vote once per week. Make sure to spend all of your voting power before executing the transaction to cast your vote. If you don’t use all of your voting power it will be forfeit until the following week. The indicator on the top left of your screen shows you how much voting power you have left to assign.

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