Our current plan, and what we have in store for the future. Please note that these plans are evolving and are subject to change at any time at the discretion of the Lodestar team.

V0: Growth Phase



We are waiting on assets from an extremely talented designer and well-known name in the community. We are in the works of overhauling all of our assets: icon, banner, website design (font, color and potentially styling) and landing page banner. We can't wait to show them off once we receive them.

Marketing and Partnerships

We are actively ramping up marketing and trying to find unique and fund ways to reward our early supporters. We are going to continue to lean into this and leverage any partnership and relationship we can to delivery as quickly, but still as safely, as we feasibly can.
We are actively communicating with:
We are also working with certain team members from Treasure, and hope to do so with more of their team.


We are fundraising on Aelin to:
  • Have ample runway to get project off the ground and self sufficient.
  • Develop Protocol Owned Liquidity.
  • Fund a comprehensive audit for V1.


The Lodestar team plans to launch a testnet during the month of September. We hope to accomplish a few things by doing this:
  • Community engagement
  • Community feedback
  • Bug testing
  • Stress testing
  • Marketing


Lodestar is Launching November 21st 2022.
We will launch with initial money markets for ETH, USDC, MAGIC, DPX, USDT, BTC, FRAX, DAI, MIM and plvGLP. Other Potential v0 Assets could be GMX, wstETH, gOHM, plvGMX, but these will not be launch assets.
Our entire code base, outside of a few proprietary deployment and admin scripts, and our API, is all open sourced on our GitHub.
We are open to any and all critiques, criticisms and contributions.
PS: We plan to have a special surprise for all of our protocol participants during Arbitrum Odyssey as well.

V1: Yield Phase

Liquid Staked Assets

In V1, one of the ways the Lodestar team aims to approach bringing more yield to our users is the ability to collateralize liquid staked assets like plsDPX and drMAGIC. Holders will be able to earn all of the emissions they are used to on their tokens, while also being able to borrow against them.


  • You own plsDPX and supply it to Lodestar. Lodestar stakes the plsDPX behind the scenes so you still earn all of the expected emissions. You can then enable that plsDPX as collateral to borrow other assets against, like USDC, MAGIC, DPX or any of our other cryptocurrency markets.

LODE Staking

LODE Stakers will earn a share of protocol revenue generated by the spread on the money markets and fees on liquid staked asset emissions.


  • 10% the emissions from the liquid staked assets, such as plvGLP, plsDPX and drMAGIC is diverted to LODE stakers. 50% of the money market spread allocated to the reserves will be diverted to LODE stakers. LODE stakers are earning a real yield from fees generated by platform revenue.

V2: Redesign Phase

FE Overhaul

V2 is far into the future, but is something the Lodestar team has already mapped out to a certain extent.
As the team scales up, V2 would involve a comprehensive update to the dApp and overhaul the look and feel of the Lodestar money markets page. We would also focus on adding more features, like auto-looping up to a maximum level of leverage, helping users unwind leveraged positions in a single button, and showing comprehensive, protocol related data along with easy, digestible, actionable information.
As the Arbitrum ecosystem continues to develop, we will be on the lookout for more communities to partner with and create value for layer 2 native communities that need access to critical DeFi infrastructure.

Looking Forward

Please reach out to us if you have other ideas or any communities we could explore and become a building block on top of.