Our current plan, and what we have in store for the future.

V0: Growth Phase



We are waiting on assets from an extremely talented designer and well-known name in the community. We are in the works of overhauling all of our assets: icon, banner, website design (font, color and potentially styling) and landing page banner. We can't wait to show them off once we receive them.


We are fundraising on Aelin to:
  • Have ample runway to get project off the ground and self sufficient.
  • Develop Protocol Owned Liquidity.
  • Fund a comprehensive audit for V1.


The Lodestar team plans to launch a testnet during the month of September. We hope to accomplish a few things by doing this:
  • Community engagement
  • Community feedback
  • Bug testing
  • Stress testing
  • Marketing

V0: Growth Phase

Lodestar Finance will be live on April 8th 2023.
We will launch with initial money markets for ETH, USDC, MAGIC, DPX, USDT, BTC, FRAX, DAI, MIM and plvGLP. Other Potential v0 Assets added in the future could be ARB, wstETH, gOHM, jGLP, depending on availability of a reliable price feed and deep liquidity
Our entire code base, outside of a few proprietary deployment and admin scripts, and our API, is all open sourced on our GitHub.

V1: Yield Phase

Liquid Staked Assets

In V1, one of the ways the Lodestar team aims to approach bringing more yield to our users is the ability to collateralize liquid staked assets like plvGLP and wsthETH. Holders will be able to earn all of the emissions they are used to on their tokens, while also being able to borrow against them.

LODE Staking

LODE Stakers will earn a share of protocol revenue generated by the spread on the money markets and fees on liquid staked asset emissions and the looper service fee. All fees levied by the protocol are subject to a rake and this rake is distributed to stakers. LODE stakers can choose to stake for no lock, a 3 month lock or a 6m lock which will determine the amount of rewards a LODE staker is eligible to receive.


The introduction of the weekly gage system for direction emissions within the app enables the LODE wars. Protocols, DAOs and users building vaults and individual strategies on top of Lodestar can stockpile their LODE emissions earned. These LODE emissions can be staked to earn real yield from the protocol in WETH while also giving them the power to vote for emission allocation to the markets. They can direct more emissions to the assets their strategy is built around. This creates a snowball effect of more LODE staker gives more real yield, which gives more governance power, which can be used to allocate more LODE emissions to your strategy, which gives more LODE to stake, which generated more real yield which gives more governance power, ect.

V2: Planning